Centenary Park
Culver Grove

020 8907 2093
Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm –
50 weeks a year

How to find us


Our Centenary Park nursery is located within a lovely park setting that is easily accessible from both Stanmore and Kenton.

The nursery is housed in a purpose built, bespoke, modern and highly specified building. Externally the building has a beautiful minimalist look with natural materials such as wood used extensively. From a safety perspective the nursery is secured with gates and fencing that keeps the children safe as well as a full CCTV system. There is also a secure and well specified outdoor area belonging to the nursery for children to gain fresh air, exercise and outdoor play. Internally, the nursery has separate toddler and baby areas but still retains the benefit of an open plan layout leading to a feeling of space and light through out the nursery.

We have invested extensively in resources to support learning and our staff is experienced, well trained and passionate about the children in their care.

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